Paintings of Agus PE


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Agus PE, a palette knife using impressionism painter from Ungaran, Central Jawa, Indonesia. He creates his artworks with spontaneous strokes, thick & texturized oil painting on canvas.

As a producttive speed painter, he has created hundreds of small and big size paintings in various kinds of objects. Dancers, traditional markets, old town, flowers, undersea scenery, mountain panorama, etc., no object limitation, but wellknown best as a Balinese Barong and dancers.

At the end of 2011 to early days of 2012, he creates 28 masterpieces. All for sale, for further info you can send email to

Agus PE as an Impressionist


At Aseana Gallery, where Agus PE listed as one of the artist, impresionist described as:

A widely accepted art movement since the 19th century. Broadly, impressionistic paintings emphasis on the accurate depiction of light in its changing qualities..

Short, thick strokes of paint are used to quickly capture the essence of the subject, rather than its details. The paint is often applied impasto.

Colours are applied side-by-side with as little mixing as possible, creating a vibrant surface. The optical mixing of colours occurs in the eye of the viewer.

Click here, and find out Agus’ paintings at ASEANA GALLERY, Singapore.

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Di bawah ini ditampilkan slide dari beberapa lukisan impresionis karya Agus PE yang terpajang di Aseana Gallery, Singapura.

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